Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chapter 2.6: The Wedding Date

Last time:  Norma was being shifty with men and Ruby was getting to the bottom of it.
 Ruby was ready for her and Jacob to get married. They discussed the idea and he agreed that they will look for a wedding venue soon.  Ruby suggested the beach and Jacob was enthusiastic about the idea.

They visited the local beach the week after...

They made a day of their beach visit and had a ball out in the sun.

As they were swimming the couple agreed that this beach would be perfect to get married at.

They made it up to the beach venue and danced on the very dance floor that in 2 months would be the place they first dance as husband and wife.

One night while Ruby was doing some late night reading she heard a noise coming from the hallway.

She ventured out and noticed Norma's door open and what she was inside was scandalous...

It was Norma in bed with her very own BOSS.

Ruby gasped and Norma jumped off the best in shock.  She was embarrassed and humiliated, so was Ruby.

Soon after Ruby's Boss Thornton left the girls to discus their issues.

Ruby yelled at Norma asking her what on earth she was thinking.  All these men in such a little time,not to mention married men.

Norma bit back and Ruby and told her to calm down and she would explain.

Norma told Ruby everything.  About what she was doing with the men and about the money she was receiving.  She was doing it to earn some extra cash as being a med student and working as a Ben Pan cleaner in the hospital did not pay well at all.

She said that she did not have a choice and when Ruby and Jacob asked if they could say with her she had to keep up the money as she could not afford to keep this house.  She didn't want to tell them about the money situation as she was embarrassed.

She said that Ruby has every right to still be angry with her but she hoped she wouldn't be.

While Ruby was still a bit angery with Norma for having an affair with her boss (which can jeopardize her job in the business career) she was her best friend and will always be there for her.

The girls hugged it out and Ruby told Norma how her and Jacob had officially set a wedding date.  Norma said she would organise her hens party soon.

Meanwhile Jacob was climbing the political career ladder and was so close to being Mayor of Everything Island.

 As the day of Ruby's hens party approached Norma found out some major news that would change her life forever.  She didn't want to tell Ruby the news until after her big party.

All of Ruby's close friend had arrived at the hens party.  Drinks were being made and food eaten.

Even a stripper was called to spice the party up.

It was getting late and Ruby offered Norma a drink. Norma declined.  Ruby wanted to know what was up.

 That's when Norma spat it out... she was pregnant.

Ruby was shocked and a bit scared for Norma.  She was happy for her but could not help but wonder if she knew who the father was, after all of the men she had been with.

Norma said that she knew who the father was and would tell him at the wedding tomorrow.

While curious about the father of Normas unborn baby she forgot about it for the rest of the night.  Norma made a toast to Ruby and the girls continued their girls night until the early hours of the morning.  They had a ball and Ruby was well and truly ready for married life the next day.

 The moonlight ceremony at the beach was beautiful.

Ruby and Jacob were finally married and became Mr and Mrs Silverset with Jacob taking up Ruby's last name in appreciation for the legacy.

The couple had a beautiful first dance to 'I Will Always Love You' and had never been more in love.

Then towards the end of the night the messy and fun dance moves began.

It was also then time for Norma to tell the father of her baby that he was going to be a Dad.  It was Hal Breckenbridge, head of the police department, and who was luckily not married.

Hal gave Norma the thumbs up, he was pretty cool with the situation and said these things happen.

He reassured Norma that he will be there for the baby.  That was more then she could ask for.

Ruby and Jacob while very very tired decided to finish their magical night off with a  whoo hoo.

 The next few months went along quick and Norma was about to pop. And Hal was being supportive.

Norma then asked Hal if she could move in and Ruby and Jacob were moving out and she could not afford her house on the own, let alone look after a baby on her own.  He agreed and she moved in soon after.

It was not long until Ruby also got a surprise and realised she was officially pregnant with her first child and first potential heir to the Silverset legacy.

Next time:  Will Ruby have a boy or girl?  How is Norma and her baby going?  Ruby and Jacob move into their new house!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This legacy from generation 3 onwards will strictly be a Random Legacy.

As Jack is the only child Ruby and Jacob have he will automatically be heir.

Here is his generation role:

Family Structure: Couple
Number of Children: 3
Primary Income: Non-standard Career - Farmer and/or Nector Maker
Secondary Income: Acrobat
Generation Goal: AWESOME!
Miscellaneous Fun: Perfect Traits/ Opposites Attract

Can not wait to have a bit of restriction and guideline as to what I should accomplish.

Happy simming!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chapter 2.5: Fatal Attraction

Last time:  Ruby had now lost her mother and father but also got engaged to Jacob.  The two are currently moving to a new town as Jacob's career.

This was Norma's house that both Ruby and Jacob have moved into.

The two newbies in town were welcomed into Norma's home wonderfully with photographs being displayed of them all.  It didn't just feel like Norma's house but their own house.

 Jacob had a lot on his plate with work and was constantly thinking about it.

 Ruby often went to bed by herself with Jacob not even coming home.

 She was getting lonely, she hoped that life with Jacob would not be like this forever.  Even though she was settled in at Norma's she wanted to move into her own family home already.

Norma on the other hand had a secret that she didn't want Ruby to know.  She was sleeping with men for money.

She would meet up with married men in the park.

And exchanged her services for cash.

They even came over to her home.

Some would want to chat before hand...

Others would just want what they paid for and left.

They would sneak out of the house without Ruby seeing...

Strutting around, proud of themselves.

 The two girls went out one night to have a girls night out.  Norma was asking Ruby about her boss Thornton which Ruby thought was a bit odd, asking her if his wife was pretty or if he had ever mentioned her before.

Norma had a few drinks at the bar while Ruby danced.  She was talking nonsense to the bartender.

After a few drinks Ruby was shocked to see Norma speaking secretly to the door man.  

 The door man asked Norma what she was going here.  He said he paid for one night and didn't want anything more to do with her.

Ruby asked Norma what was all that about?  Norma just said that he was a friend that she had not seen in a while.

After the discussion the girls had last night the few rumors that Ruby had heard recently had encouraged Ruby to say something to Norma.

Norma just shrugged it off and said that she was no currently seeing anyone and had never meet Thornton before, she was just curious about Ruby's boss who was well known about town.  Ruby just left it there as she wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. 

 But once again she would continue to have men over, this time when Ruby and Jacob were sleeping.

Ruby told Jacob about her suspicions, about how she things something is going on with Norma about the rumors that were going around town.

He just told Ruby to relax,  if there was something going on Norma would have told her he reassured her.

It was not until one day Ruby noticed some clothes out in the hallway,  men's clothes...

 Ruby knowing well and truely something was up asked Norma who clothes they were outside her bedroom.

Norma said that they were hers.  But Ruby insisted they were men's clothes.  Norma then confessed.

Norma said that she had foolishly had a man back here.  She had meet him while she was doing her rounds at the hospital.  Once again Ruby thought that maybe Norma was telling the truth so she believed her, but she was still going to keep an eye on her.

Even Jacob was worried about both the girls telling Norma that if there was something she was keeping from Ruby she should say something.

Norma said that she tells Ruby everything and that she shouldn't worry about her.

Next time:  Will Ruby find out what Norma has really been doing?  When are Ruby and Jacob getting married?